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We are happy to introduce our cruise brand #Kruizi.BG and tell you about cruise travel and our amazing team of cruise designers.

We are a team of like-minded cruise travelers and a team of professionals! We love to travel and love to share our experiences with you!

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On a Cruise! An incredible experience at sea…Imagine the possibilities!

The cruise experience is unlike any other vacation. Just imagine how it feels to turn 360 degrees and see only the imposing sea and a dizzying view. Or to soar to the wonders of a new destination, every morning with the satisfaction of your every whim. These are moments that can only be experienced on board a ship.

Cruising delivers unparalleled variety, convenience and fun. A cruise gives you the opportunity to visit many places for a package price without wandering around looking for travel information on your own.

Where can I go?

Wherever you want! Cruises visit more than 500 ports around the world and every possible destination by water. You can start your trip from Europe, Australia, USA, UAE, Asia, South America, Caribbean or Hawaii.

How to spend my time on board?

Time on board a cruise ship can be spent in a variety of ways, from relaxing by the pool to participating in organized excursions, shows and culinary competitions. It is important to inform yourself about the activities you can get involved in and plan your day so that you make the most of all the opportunities.

Cruises are a wonderful way to explore the world in a unique and comfortable way. Proper preparation and choosing the right one, your trip can become an unforgettable adventure.

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